From Foundation To Finish

Our Team

We believe great projects start with a great team. At Skyline, shared values make us more than co-workers. Within our teams, we support each other to make good decisions, welcome constructive disagreement and ensure all ideas are heard so we can grow together as professionals. Our team is trained, certified, experienced and competent to deliver high quality concrete and radon solutions to the most technically demanding and safety sensitive customers in the industry.

Certified Aboriginal Business

At Skyline Concrete, we are proud to be a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta, Region 3 and a Certified Aboriginal Business by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. Our commitment to indigenous engagement has been rewarded with multiple awards for Business and Entrepreneurial Metis Leadership.

We have a strong track record in completing water and waste infrastructure projects in indigenous communities. We are dedicated to partnering with local businesses, providing training and employment opportunities to help create a lasting impact in the areas where we work. We are committed to building strong relationships with indigenous partners and have the expertise, resources, and commitment to make a difference.

Certified Aboriginal Business
Metis Nation of Alberta Region 3

Our values - Keep Us on TRAC

Our company is built on four core values: Teamwork, Respect, Agility and Continuous Improvement.

We believe that by focusing on these values, we can create an environment of collaboration and success.


Concrete is a team sport! Working together is essential for us to achieve our goals. We strive to create an atmosphere of collaboration and trust where everyone contributes their ideas and expertise. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts, especially when they disagree. This discussion helps us come to the best solution in the fastest way possible.


Respect is essential to our collaborative and productive environment. We strive to treat our co-workers, customers, and partners with the same respect we would expect from them. We value the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of everyone we work with, and we create an environment based on mutual trust and respect. We believe that respect is key to our success, and we are committed to maintaining a respectful workplace.


At Skyline, we know the power of being agile in the construction industry. We continuously refine our processes and technology to keep up with our evolving industry and provide the best customer service possible. Our team is ready to pivot on a moment's notice, act quickly when opportunities arise, and embrace challenges with enthusiasm.

Continuous Improvement:

We take great pride in our commitment to continuous improvement. We believe in never letting a good mistake go to waste as they are our best opportunities for improvement. To this end, we have a process that requires all mistakes to be reported, investigated and shared among our team, so that everyone can benefit from the lessons learned. Continuous Improvement at Skyline means every day is a chance to do better than the day before.